Invest in a wedding photographer that
values creativity, laughter, fun & joy.


Invest in a wedding photographer that values creativity,
laughter, fun & joy.


Lubo Markovsky Wedding Photography is for people who want the absolute best for their wedding day. We know from our experience that each wedding and every client is unique; and our personalised, crafted approach is what separates us from other wedding photographers. Choosing the right photographer to capture beautiful portraits of that perfect moment is essential. That’s where we come in! With our focused and impeccable attention to detail, we will be sure that you get the best possible shots to remember your special day forever. Whether your style is romantic, intimate, fun or extravagant, we will capture it in the most unique way to give you a lasting record of your dream wedding.
Wedding photography is a creative art. Let us craft a piece of art for you that will keep your memories alive forever. Please contact us and tell us what would make your wedding memories perfect… and remember, don’t forget to smile!
Cairns wedding photographer

Attention to detail

You can’t be everywhere at once at your wedding, and you will be focused on your own experience of this special day. As well as capturing your beautiful experience, we take care to record the expressions, feelings and emotions of your special guests. Our close-ups and candid photographs demonstrate our skill and dedication to preserving all the action and emotion around you. Our experience allows us to know where to look and what to be ready for when those moments happen.
Cairns wedding photographer Lubo Markovsky
Cairns wedding photography
Wedding photography

Framing – Always getting the scene and subject just right. Image capture – Best technique, best light, best angle. Processing – Customised enhancement software to make each image authentic

Our imagery combines elements of documentation, fine art, photojournalism and romantic highlight, that will capture every magical moment of your special day.

Being quietly immersed in the background, and immediately available when you want something special is an essential skill for professional wedding photographers, and we pride ourselves on our ability to record all aspects of the experience, but when you want to capture a special moment, we’ll be there at your side to follow your instructions!


No one hires a celebrant before they have a chance to meet them, and with good reason: the celebrant helps to give you a ‘feel’ for the ceremony. The photographer’s role is no less vital – they are responsible for expressing your emotive moments in pictures.  You need to feel completely at ease with your photographer before your wedding, otherwise the photographer might just be imagining what you might like, rather than capturing the images you would like to have of the most precious moments of your biggest day.
 I will meet you to discuss your wishes, and with no obligation. Finding the right photographer for you can make all the difference to the memories you keep of your wedding, and I want to give you the best service possible. Don’t hesitate to call me to tell me what you would like to see in your wedding album, we can share some ideas for making a wedding package to your exact requirements. After all, on your wedding day, it really is all about you!
Cairns wedding photography
Cairns wedding
Cairns wedding photographer Lubo Markovsky


“Photography is a way of feeling, touching, loving.”
Ansel Adams, American nature photographer
Cairns wedding photography

Whether your style is romantic, intimate, fun or extravagant, we will capture all the magic of it in our wedding photography.

Wedding photographer

I take pride in discovering genuine and intimate moments, when people feel so relaxed, they don’t even know they are being photographed. Using stunning angles and perfectly framed shots, your wedding day memories will live on with you forever.

Wedding photography

We are sensitive to the couple’s enjoyment of their special day. This allows us to really capture the beautiful, candid moments that bring out the personalities, emotions and feelings that helped make this day unique.

Cairns wedding photographer Lubo Markovsky
Cairns wedding photography Lubo Markovsky

Meet Lubo

Originally from Slovakia, Lubo started his photography career in Cairns in 2011. Since then he has delivered hundreds of unique and successful projects for customers requiring wedding, fashion, portrait, business and real estate photography.
“I believe that every project is a distinct opportunity to craft something that truly reflects my client’s vision, and I will always work tirelessly to create packages that suit your individual distinctive needs”
Cairns wedding photographer
Cairns wedding photographer Lubo Markovsky

Prices for wedding photographer

Elopement Wedding, Engagement and Proposal Coverage from $900
Wedding Coverage from $2,490
Cairns wedding photographer Lubo Markovsky
Cairns wedding photographer
Cairns Wedding

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Lubo has provided an extensive range of professional quality photographic services in Far North Queensland since 2011.

We are proud

We are proud of our success and our growing reputation as one of the premiere photographic service providers in Far North Queensland, and we thank you for taking a moment to consider our services and visit our site.