GVG MEDIA Photography is a Cairns-based company providing an extensive range of professional quality photographic services. GVG MEDIA was established in 2011 by photographer/owner Lubomir Markovsky.


·         The GVG Media portfolio of projects includes:

·         wedding photography

·         portraits

·         fashion and catalogue

·         large and small scale real estate developments

·         school and college promotional websites

·         restaurants, pubs, boutique shops, hotels and other accommodation providers.


Mission Statement:

“Photography is a way of feeling, touching, loving.“

Ansel Adams, American nature photographer


Photography is a language used to capture and describe moments, emotions, physical beauty and space.  It is also one of the most effective ways to communicate concepts such as quality, style, comfort, ambience and craftsmanship.  Well composed photography does more than wordlessly communicate the intrinsic details of what is being seen.  Made properly, the photograph invites the viewer to delve in, melding their own positive feelings, aspirations and and self-image with those emotive cues contained within the picture. 


Whether it is capturing the love, passion and exhuberance of your special day or crafting a composition that communicates the values, standards and quality of your business offering; our goal is to achieve the best possible results when working on our clients‘ projects.  There is no such thing as ‘good enough‘ in what we do...only “perfect“.


The most critical step of our process is what we call ‘connecting‘ with our clients.  This allows us to work together so that your vision and perspective are understood from the very beginning.  We will discuss with you in advance, all aspects that may affect composition, such as:

·         subject

·         lighting

·         materials

·         location

·         motion


From this connection and sharing of ideas, we will formulate a photographic schedule; including plans to account for contingencies such as weather.  Weddings in particular are unique, evolving events that take place in real time.  Our planning process ensures that the resulting photography reliably captures the key moments and members of the festivity, as well as conveying a thematic message in tune with your desires.


For commercial projects, the planning process will help identify:

·         key marketing objectives

·         alternative/secondary marketing objectives

·         Pre-shoot refurbishment/site preparation

·         model/patron desirabilty

·         logistical issues (room/venue availability)



We are proud of our success and our growing reputation as one of the premiere photographic service providers in Far North Queensland, and we thank you for taking a moment to consider our services and visiting our site.  If you are one of the nearly 50% of new customers who have been referred to GVG Media Photography, please drop us a note to let us know so we may thank them as well. 


And no matter who you choose, don’t forget to smile!


I believe that  every project is a distinct opportunity to craft something that truly reflects my client’s vision, and I work tirelessly to create packages that suit your individual distinctive needs.

Lubo Markovsky, GVG Media Photography