– Corporate headshots for new websites, LinkedIn, personal professional portfolios and annual reports
– Real estate marketing for private and commercial clients
– Restaurant, retail, hotel and
accommodation photography
– Product photography
Cairns wedding photographer Lubo Markovsky

Commerical photography
in Cairns

Photographs capture and describe moments, emotions, physical beauty and space. Photography is one of the most effective ways to communicate concepts such as quality, style, comfort, ambience and craftsmanship. Carefully considered and composed photography does more than wordlessly communicate the intrinsic details of what is being seen. It communicates the values, standards and quality of your business and products, and catches the attention of customers.
We want your clients to discover the quality of your business through the care and attention of our photography.

Commercial photographer

Our clients have discovered that we can make excellent use of the special characteristics of life in the tropics and express the qualities, characteristics and values of their business. Call us to discover how we can help you build a more competitive market profile.
Cairns wedding photographer Lubo Markovsky

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Lubo has provided an extensive range of professional quality photographic services in Far North Queensland since 2011.